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Awesome service! They always kept me up to date on my case's progress. I recommend them to anyone who has been injured in an auto accident.
Barry K.
Donald and his team are really just the best lawyers ever. They genuinely care about each of their clients and you know you're in good hands with them. They helped me get medical treatment and great compensation for my injuries.
Mary A.
Don always does a fantastic job! After helping me with my case, I recommend his law firm to everyone. Thank you!
Brie S.
This team really cares about their clients and their well-being. I trusted them with my case and they did not disappoint at all. You could always tell that they were genuinely invested in their work and that they were doing everything in their power to help you. Amazing people and amazing lawyers!
Alice N.
Everyone there is doing a great job and they seem to love what they do because they were very enthusiastic when they got me my huge settlement. All around awesome people!
They were so patient with me, even when I felt I was nagging them with hundreds of questions. They always kept me informed about how my case was going and treated me like family.
Ashley. J
They really go above and beyond for their clients. I couldn't be happier with their work, thank you so much to Donald and the whole team at Palm Legal!
Andrew P.
Working with everyone at Palm Legal was truly a pleasure. They always briefed me on what was going on and what to expect and they were very friendly throughout the whole process. I am very grateful I had them on my side.
Samantha R.
I am very happy with the results of my case! Everyone at Palm Legal worked very hard to secure me the compensation I needed. Thank you!
Nicholas F.
An awesome law firm with awesome people! They did an excellent job on my case and I could not have hoped for better attorneys.
They did an amazing job on my case and I am extremely pleased with their work. I 100% recommend Palm Legal!
Jeremy H.
Don and his whole staff are simply the best! They will work hard and get you the financial compensation you deserve.
Leaonard Y.
They handled my case with amazing speed and amazing results! Everyone there is always available to answer any questions and they are super friendly.
Palm Legal Group is the only law firm I would recommend for traffic tickets in the tri-county area... they even do personal injury and DUIs! I had a great experience working with them. Abe and the other office staff were all very helpful and professional. Overall, a great experience!
Agiliti L.
Abraham Ovadia and his firm helped me settle my case and did an amazing job. I'm so happy with their work and what they were able to get me.
Sarah P.

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(561) 781-9679
My husband hired Palm Legal after being hurt in an accident and they are wonderful people! They treated us like family and helped with everything they could. I highly recommend them, they are amazing at their jobs and really great people!
Alison F.
They made sure I got the best medical treatment and they did a hell of a job getting me financially compensated after my accident.
Jonah H.
They are honest and hard working people who will do everything they can do help their clients. I will be forever grateful, thank you!
Jill V.
Excellent lawyers! I couldn't be happier with how everything worked out, they really made sure I was taken care of.
Gene P.
My experience with Palm Legal was amazing! They helped me and my family in our time of need more than I could have hoped for. Not only do they treat you with respect, but they also do their best to help you. Great services!
Marcy K.
This is the best law firm I've ever dealt with! I would definitely hire them again, they are no doubt amazing lawyers.
John G.
Words can't describe how happy I am with the work they did on my case. I was so lost and I didn't think I had a chance of getting any compensation, but they fought hard to get me what I was owed. Thank you everyone at Palm Legal!
Marcus J.
We knew from the start we were in good hands. With some people you just get a feeling right from the beginning and the people at Palm Legal are amazing. They are the only law firm I would hire again.
Anna T.
They were super nice right from the beginning, even before we had hired them. I knew they would be a good choice and I am so happy we chose them to represent us.
Erica N.
This team is absolutely the best you'll find! They went above and beyond to get me the best possible settlement and I am extremely happy with their work.
John O.
The staff at Palm Legal helped me when I needed it the most. I will always be grateful for their work.
They have been very helpful with my case and I would not hire any other law firm! If you need an attorney who cares about you and does everything he can to help you, this is the place to find one.
Jack T.
After I was in an accident I desperately needed help with getting medical treatment and at the same time fighting to get compensation. The team at Palm Legal really came through for me and helped me with everything. I had time to focus on my recovery and they did an amazing job with my case.
Brian B.
Everyone was so helpful, I really can't thank them enough. I will always recommend them to anyone in need.
Melania T.
I was pretty skeptical at first and didn't know if I had a good case or not, but after the free consultation they convinced me to pursue justice. They were awesome throughout the whole thing!
Clark K.
I always hoped I would never need a lawyer, but when I did, I'm glad it was a lawyer from Palm Legal. He was very professional and friendly from the start and did his best to help me with my case. I got way more money than I was hoping for!
Emilio L.
The whole team has been nothing short of excellent in every way. They set me up with some great doctors and allowed to rest and recover while they did all the dirty work on my case. Thank you!
Stan M.
Everyone there was very warm and friendly with me. We didn't end up pursuing my case, but even in those two hours I spent with them I knew they were great people and talented lawyers.
Maurice B.
Fantastic attorneys who treat their clients with respect and friendliness. Highly recommended!
Steve N.
I don't know what I would have done without them, they are all great lawyers who are genuinely committed to doing what's best for their clients.
Bob B.
Don is an amazing person and a very talented attorney. His whole staff is like a big family who will go above and beyond to get you the compensation you deserve and help you with anything along the way.
Maria G.
Hands down the best law firm I've ever worked with. Everyone is professional, caring, and extremely talented. You can tell that they put a lot of heart into their work and they really try everything they can to do what's best for their clients.
Bryan J.
They were extremely helpful with my case and made sure I got the best treatment possible and the maximum compensation. I don't know what my life would be like if they hadn't taken care of me so well. Thank you everyone at Palm Legal Group!
Alan O.
This is the best team of car accident lawyers in Florida! They are kind, respectful, and amazing at their jobs. I can't thenk them enough for their help!
Albert W.
Donald and his team have helped me immeasurably and I don't know what I would have done without them.
Lana L.
They were always quick to answer my questions and never once did I call them without getting an answer, even after normal business hours. Everyone there did a fantastic job!
They are the best Miami car accident lawyers you'll find. I've told all my friends about the awesome job they did with my case and I will always recommend them to anyone who needs help!
Jason V.
Donald and his law firm helped us a great deal after my father nearly died in a car accident. Thank you to everyone there, we will never forget everything you did for us!
Bill C.
They are a serious law firm and everyone there does top-notch work to make sure their clients get what they need. Thank you for helping me after my motorcycle accident!
Ralph S.
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