Child Support Establishment and Modification

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While parents’ number one obligation to their children is being there for them emotionally and spending time raising them, they also need to make sure that they are financially supported. Although the amount of child support is determined according to Florida statute, it is imperative that you have a skilled family law attorney on your side who can ensure that the child support order is an accurate reflection of your situation.

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Florida Child Support Guidelines

Under Florida law, child support has three parts:

  • the amount of regular financial support
  • child care
  • health insurance and any medical expenses

The child support guidelines consider the number of children and the parents’ combined income. The obligation is then divided between each of the parents according to their individual income and earning capacity.

Courts must calculate child support following the state guidelines. However, they may order support 5% above or below the guideline amount without having to provide an explanation. Otherwise, courts may deviate from the guidelines provided they supply a written explanation for doing so. It’s crucial to have an attorney looking out for you to ensure that the information used in the formula is accurate.

Adjustments can be made if the court considers that under your particular circumstances applying the guidelines would be unfair. The court can also reduce child support payments if the parent would have to pay over 50% of their gross income.

Modifying a Child Support Order in Florida

Post-decree modifications of child support orders can occur if there has been a significant change in your situation. For example, if you have lost your job or have been promoted, child support orders need to be updated so that they reflect the new reality of your financial situation. Child support would also need to be changed if there are modifications to the custody arrangements.

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