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Florida has seen a sharp increase in paternity cases over the years due to a trend in our society of children being born out of wedlock. It is typically best to file for a paternity judgement as soon as possible if the child’s birth certificate doesn’t have the father’s name on it. In Florida, if the mother is not married at the time of her child’s birth, it doesn’t have a legal father. Legal paternity is something that will need to be established for the child. If both parents don’t sign an acknowledgement of paternity when the child is born, then paternity has not been established.

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Legal Paternity in Florida

There is only one circumstance where paternity is assumed automatically in Florida: if you are married to the mother, any children born to you are automatically considered your biological children, unless a dispute arises. If you are not married when the baby is born, then paternity needs to be established.

Establishing paternity may seen costly and complicated, but our skilled paternity lawyers can use their vast expertise to help you. They are eager to help families establish legal rights and provide sound legal advice whenever needed.

Legal Services for Those Wishing to Establish Paternity

The complex issues surrounding paternity and various family law matters can sometimes be very challenging. Palm Legal Group offers a free initial consultation so you can take the first step toward establishing paternity without incurring any costs. Whether you are a mother who wants child support or a father who wants custody or visitation rights, our team of experienced family law lawyers will discuss your options with you and help you seek a beneficial resolution.

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