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Miles of stunning beaches and beautiful nature trails across Florida have made it a very popular destination for cyclists. People riding bicycles can be seen everywhere, especially in downtown and beach areas. Biking is a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, but it can, however, prove deadly in a collision with a motor vehicle.

The National Highway Transportation Authority reported in 2011 that traffic accidents involving bicycles resulted in 677 fatalities, 120 of which were in Florida. Additionally, 38,000 more cyclists were injured in auto accidents. The number of vehicle-bicycle accidents are reported, so the actual number may be much higher than that.

More often than not, a bicycle accident occurs because a driver fails to see the rider on the road around them. If you know that you were obeying the law and a vehicle hit you, the fault very likely lies with them. Consulting with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers would be in your best interest as it would allow you to better understand what your options are.

Fighting for Full Compensation

We often see many cases where injured cyclists attempt to negotiate directly with insurance companies by themselves. That is never a good idea as insurers are not on the victim’s side. Their only interest is to pay as little as possible, regardless if it is fair or not.

While they may agree to pay for your medical bills, they may refuse to give you money for any additional expenses such as loss of income or even simply for the pain and suffering you have to endure. This means that many injured cyclists are grossly undercompensated and sometimes they have no way to continue earning income.

That is why the best step for you to take following a bicycle accident is to hire a skilled and experienced lawyer who knows how to effectively negotiate with insurance companies and take your case to trial if they fail to fairly compensate you.

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